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Pay Later

Enjoy pocket-friendly great personalised meals and settle your bills at the next payday (or on an ongoing basis). No Upfront Fees - T&Cs apply. We operate three (3) main food service models, but only our Cloud Kitchen Service (Delivery-Only) option is available now - Our physical Dine-in and Takeaway locations will be added in the course of the year.

We have a community of professional cooks and/or caterers, so you can be confident that you’re getting the best quality food around. Whether you’re looking for daily subsidised meals, a weekly lunch or have a one-off food need, Our full suite of office & home food delivery and hospitality services has you covered. Our service is currently only available in the Greater Accra Region and Koforidua & environs.


Food at work. Energise your employees with delicious, nutritious meals delivered to your office from professional cooks and caterers, who prepare foods in our own commercial kitchens under extremely hygienic conditions. Our Corporate Catering Services allow Registered Businesses to boost productivity and profitability by providing their employees with tastier, healthier and affordable meals daily at their workplace, with flexible payment plans. To sign for this service, your business must be registered with the registrar general's department (either as a sole proprietor or limited liability company).

Minimum total order size is GHS2,000 per month, delivered at pre-determined days of the week.


• Great office food builds great teams. Regular healthy meals benefit your employees and your business; boosting energy levels, concentration and productivity

• Our flexible platform can scale up and down with your business needs and budgets. Whether you're feeding 12 or 700, breakfast, lunch or dinner, we've got you covered.

• Easily manage fluctuating headcounts

• Cost effective as you only pay for active users and food ordered

• Ordering for a one-off occasion: Easily order for meetings, pop-ups, and bespoke events


Registered Businesses can signup here at no upfront cost.


Our EAT NOW PAY LATER service also allows Salaried Workers to enjoy great meals delivered to their homes, offices or kids at school, and repay at next payday. To sign up for this service you must be a ssnit/cap-30 registered salaried worker (public or private sector).

Minimum net regular qualifying salary amount is GHS1,000. Minimum total order size is GHS500 per month delivered at pre-determined days of the week. 


• Less or no stress at all on your household and/or food budget

• High quality food Food, nutrition and wellbeing has always been a priority for us. We (all food provided by the staff of The DCANS Group 'eat what we sell')

• Sustainable practices: Our food are always served hot (unless it requires cold temperatures), and with environmentally-friendly packaging

• Personalised menus: The curated meal choice and individual ordering is just fantastic. Always something for everyone on the menus

• Option to add healthy food preferences of all members of your household on your qualifying budget

• You can order for food and 'provisions' to be sent to your child or ward in secondary school or any tertiary institution, on your behalf so you repay later or some other.


Salaried Workers can signup here at no upfront cost.

Anchor Food Provider to the staff and employees recruited via the TDG Jobs Ghana Platform, existing customers of The TDG Ecosystem and the general public anywhere in Ghana, but Food Delivery is currently available in Anywhere in Accra and Koforidua & Environs Only - Kumasi Coming Soon!! EAT NOW PAY LATER PLANS available to SSNIT-registered Salaried Workers (Public/Private) and RGD-registered Businesses & Business Owners. Learn more.

Using this platform constitutes acceptance of the terms, conditions and rules that govern our operations, so if you disagree with any of them in part or in full, please don't use our services. Legal & Compliance is provided by TLA Firm & Ghanaian Partners. This platform is securely powered by DCANS and Doctopus (groupwide information & data security platform) & Promoted by TDG Media Ventures.

Our Loyalty Programme allows you to accumulate loyalty points for every order you place via this platform, that you can redeem as discounts or free food, in addition to TDG Ecosystem Benefits for existing loyal customers.

[2022] DCANS Kitchens, Ghana, and Kitchen Afrique UK are Cloud Kitchen & Food Service Platforms of The DCANS Group Limited (Registered in England & Wales but dual-headquartered in Ghana and the UK - CRN: 12645872, VAT #: GB 157 9161 82), which also owns Food & Beverage Platforms 7G Foods (Ghana) and Bestern & Co (UK), NextGen Groceries Platform DCANS Groceries, Multi-Strategy Multi-Farm TDG Farms, Hospitality Platform SG Hospitality Services and Pay Later Providers DCANS Pay (Ghana) and Quid Pay (UK), as well as delivery platform DCANS Logistics.