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Back bar

A range of shelves displaying glassware and bottles.


A sit-down meal served on the occasion of a formal or informal event such as a wedding party or a conference.

Binge Drinking

Drinking too much in a single session.


A dining system where the guests serve themselves. Popular with a large number of guests and a small number of workforce.



Any mixed drink prepared using alcohol.


Spices, sauce or other food preparations used to enhance the flavor or to complement the dish.


Plates, dishes, cups, and other similar items, especially ones made of glass, earthenware, or china clay.


It is a process of unintentional transfer microorganisms from one substance or object to another, with harmful effect.


Crispy cubes of bread.


Knives, forks, and spoons used for eating or serving food.



A store that sells pre-cooked fine food.

Dram Shop

American term for ‘Alcohol Bar’.


Gueridon Trolley

A trolley used in F&B Services business on which the food can be cooked, finished, or presented to the guest at the table.


High Ball (Long Drink)

Alcoholic beverage mixed with a large volume of soft drink and served in a tall glass with straw.



A non-alcoholic drink prepared using fruit juices or other soft drinks.



It is a biological agent that causes disease to its host.


A large flat dish or plate for serving food.


British name for ‘Public House’, an establishment licensed to serve alcoholic drinks.


Shot Ball (Short Drink)

Alcoholic drink consumed in a gulp. It is served in shot glass.


On site, locally.

Spot Checking

Regular surprise checking conducted to review standardized recipes and food products to maintain quality.


A set of tables allocated to waiters in the F&B Services establishment.


Table Cover

It is the area on the table for plates, glasses, and cutlery for single person.


Parallel or branching spikes of a fork.


Cooks cap with multiple folds represents the many different ways a chef knows to prepare a dish.

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