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I struggled with overly processed and/or spicy high-street foods and being the the only option I could find to eat. I don't just have the passion for eating healthily, but the pain of not being able to access good-quality food easily at home and in the workplace - B2C and B2B differentiated business models.

DCANS Kitchens delivers personalised meals to your household or office workers as an alternative to your home kitchen (if you're time-poor) or companies setting up their own canteens. We assemble daily rotating menus from high-quality in-house cooks and caterers – for delivery to homes and offices across our coverage area. The click-and-collect platform in effect digitises the physical office canteen, and families or companies can use it as a wellbeing and engagement tool for their household or employees.

We use intelligent sourcing of fresh farm produce from our own farms and partner complimentary providers and are introducing artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimise individual menu choices, tailor the customer experience, predict demand for specific meals and ingredients more accurately, and help us reduce food waste – automating fulfilment enables “a very lean team” to fulfil thousands of orders daily.

For me, DCANS Kitchens means nothing less than, “helping to feed the world in a better way – healthier food, more awareness around food and where it comes from, and more awareness around people in developing countries like Ghana. People are very disconnected to their food chains and whether our food systems will be able to feed the hungry world population as it grows. That is something we are really passionate about.

Isaac Osei.
BSc. Biological Sciences, University of Ghana (I) 
|| BSc. Human Biology (KNUST) || MBChB Medicine & Surgery, KNUST-KATH (I)

Founder, DCANS Kitchens ||Founder, The DCANS Group Limited || Founder, Osei SFO.

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